Allow Me To Reintroduce……. Myself.


Allow Me To Reintroduce……. Myself.

I love fast cars as much as the next guy, but this website has nothing to do with driving “stick shift”. It also has nothing to do with any other Basketball websites bearing the same name. In you were wondering what “Double Clutch” exactly is and where the name came from, then you’re in the right place.

Allow me to reintroduce…… myself.

When rapper Lil’ Fame said, ”Those jewels you rock, make em envy!”, I don’t think he was talking about Chicago Bulls championship rings. However, back in 1998 (two years before M.O.P. would release their smash hit, Ante Up), after winning his 3rd straight and 6th overall NBA championship, Michael Jordan probably had 99% of the NBA feeling “some type of way”. Even today, almost two decades later, MJ’s six rings have set a standard current NBA players have yet to live up to….. no matter how hard they try.

Just ask Kobe.

But despite all the awards, accolades and accomplishments Jordan has accumulated throughout his basketball career, the one thing that “His Airness” will likely be remembered for most is simply the way he played the game. No basketball player before him (or since), except the legendary “Dr J”, Julius Erving – from whom even MJ admits having much influence – had moved with such grace, style, finesse and flair all while scoring the basketball mid air.

As a Bulls fan (like so many kids growing up in the 90’s) I was fortunate enough to watch Jordan play on almost a nightly basis, and I developed a great appreciation for his game, particularly his countless double clutches (many of which are showcased in this short video). These and other creative maneuvers Jordan seemingly perfected – whether to avoid defenders or turn an other wise boring layup or dunk into a highlight – coupled with his uncanny ability to hang in the air amazed me. I guess I was so impressed, I decided to name a Basketball website after it years later.

Although he’s often copied, and even his moves duplicated, always remember, there will NEVER be another Jordan. Like MJ there is only ONE original “Double Clutch” and this is it. If there was any question to where the name came from, or the inspiration behind it, let this video be the answer.


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