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kevin durant loyalty

I tried to write about any topic other than the obvious for this latest monthly (actually its been a few months since I last posted) but this unprecedented 2017 NBA free agency has dominated the sports news headlines all summer so here we are.

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2017 NBA FINALS “NXWORRIES” Highlight Mix!

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Some of you might remember my LAST NBA Finals mix featuring Lebron and the Cavs winning his first title in Cleveland against Curry and the Goldenstate Warriors. Well, it’s that time again. Since both teams met up this year for a rematch it’s only right I make a sequel.

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MONTHLY: Is The “One And Done” Rule Almost DONE?

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Last year marked the 10 year anniversary of the NBA’s “One and Done” rule. Under the new rule administered by then commissioner David Stern, potential NBA prospects were no longer able to go from Highschool directly to the NBA. 2005 was the last year players (Martell Webster, Andrew Bynum, Gerald Green, CJ Miles, Monta Ellis, Louis Williams, Andray Blatche, Amir Johnson) made the jump. Although not always loved, “one and done” has been accepted over the years, but the rule has remained a controversial one even a decade later the topic always calls for fiery debate when brought up amongst basketball fans who question if the league actually needs it and more importantly do the players really benefit from it.

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Monthly: Anatomy Of The “Knicks Curse”!

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Carmelo, Knicks

This edition of The Monthly is strictly for my Knickerbockers fans. In April we watched the New York Knicks close out yet another disappointing regular season finishing with a record of 31-51 – one game worse than the year before. It was year filled with high expectations based off big name summer acquisitions, a brand new coach and all the hype that comes naturally with a team that resides in the most famous city in the world. The goal at the very least was a return to the post season, which has eluded them the past three seasons, and it was only months ago that playoffs appeared to be a lock…. until everything went downhill fast in pure Knicks fashion.

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