Dude, We’re Editing The Finals!


Dude, We’re Editing The Finals!

As you might’ve noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. This summers crazy free agency, which included Durant, Rose, and Wade (just to name a few) all switching teams has kept me occupied, to say the least. As of late though, besides the Olympics, i’ve been focused solely on finishing up my newest highlight video about the NBA Finals.

Before I get explain anything, take a look at the ‘said’ video below. It’s the thrilling conclusion to my “Dude, We’re Mixing The Playoffs” 2016 NBA Playoffs highlight video series.

Not bad huh? But two months late, unfortunately. I know, you’re probably thinking “Why the hold up?”

Turns out putting together that 13 minutes it would be one of the hardest, most time consuming yet rewarding highlight mixes I can remember. Let me break it down for you.

This years finals was so drama filled that you could really make a movie about it, with all the different storylines on and off the court… Of course I couldn’t delve into every little detail or moment of the series, but I did my best to tell the overall story in one video with one song. Little did I know how difficult it would be.

Turns out fitting Seven games into one song isn’t easy. Not unlike making a feature film or TV series (I imagine), the hardest part in making a video sometimes isn’t deciding what you put in, but what to edit out. I learned this the hard way over the past few weeks.

Not long after starting the Mix, I found myself about 3 games in, with less than a minute of song to go. The video was amazing up to that point, but I realized fitting four more games worth of highlights in it would be impossible. I had to let it go and try a new approach. There was just way more highlights than time.

This wasn’t the case for all the previous highlight videos in the Dude We’re Mixing The Playoffs series, which I no problem editing down to a single song and 3-4 minute video. Those mixes typically took 1 day to make. Despite the amount of time put in, they turned out great.

But the Finals was a whole different monster. This wasn’t any ordinary series. It was the Cavs vs Warriors. Lebron Vs. Curry; The match up everyone wanted, and it lived up to the hype. Every game had its own story/theme and could’ve had its own mix whether it was Goldenstate’s dominance in games 1-2, the Draymond incident in Game 4, Lebron and Kyries epic performance in Game 5, Curry losing his cool in Game 6 or the nail biting Game 7. So I couldn’t make just any ordinary mix, could I?

This Video would take some time and a little more effort. I knew I wasn’t finishing it in one night like the others, and over about a 2 weeks time span I would work on each game individually while editing footage racing against time as I continued closer, and closer to the end of the song and Final buzzer of Game 7.

It was only right I do the Finals justice. I also had to close out the series in a proper fashion with one of my all time favorite Neptunes produced tracks, the instrumental to “I Know” off Jay z’s 2007 American Gangster album. Put it all together and the result is a 13 minute epic finale, featuring all the best moments -at least all the ones I could fit in- from each of the 7 games of the 2016 NBA Finals including bonus extended footage of the MVP Trophy presentation, the Champagne filled locker room players celebration, and the Cavs victory parade in downtown Cleveland.

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