Dude, We’re Mixing The Playoffs *BONUS* Austin Rivers Edition


Dude, We’re Mixing The Playoffs *BONUS* Austin Rivers Edition

Just when you thought my Dude, We’re Mixing The Playoffs highlight video series was over and done with, I back with another one!

I felt like Austin Rivers performance in Game 6 of the first round match up between the Clippers and Blazers deserved it’s own video so here it is. A special bonus mix not officially part of my Dude, We’re Mixing The Playoffs series but definitely worth the upload. This time, the game did not end in victory, however. It would mark the premature end to yet another disappointing post season for Doc Rivers and the crew, but there was a silver lining on their defeat. Hopefully Clippers fans will remember the night not for the devastating loss but Austin Rivers heroic performance.

Without the injured Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, Rivers single-handedly kept the Clippers in the game throughout the 2nd half and almost forced a “do or die” Game 7. ALthough in a losing effort, Rivers finished with 21 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds all with 11 stitches over his left eye. It was one of the best and most inspiring performances I witnessed in the 2016 playoffs. Check out the video below. Sounds by Neptunes, of course. Enjoy!

Look out for the highlight mix complete soundtrack soon available for download.

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