If you’re familiar with my vimeo, you know I don’t mess around when it comes to my Basketball highlight mixes. If you’ve seen last seasons “Too Real” video series, then you’ve probably been anticipating the follow up for some time.

Not to be confused with my longer, more extensive “Legend” mixes, the “Too Real” series is essentially a group of short highlight videos with a current theme all to the soundtrack of one producer. Last year’s featured some of the best individual performances of the 2015 NBA season over Dilla beats. That was Volume One. Now I’m finally retuning with Volume Two: Attack of the Playoffs.

Making NBA mixes is easy, however, the hard part is choosing the right music. My next series would be no exception, especially considering it’s soundtrack would be following up the late great J Dilla. After much deliberation, I decided on a producer, or should I say producers (as you might’ve already guessed): the one and only Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. Actually, it wasn’t a hard decision at all.

I’ve been a Neptunes fan since day one. I’m talking back when their only hits were Noreaga or then protégé singer, Kelis. That was like late 90’s/early 2000’s. Fast forward about 15 years and I have probably most of their best work, much of it in instrumental format, sitting in my itunes. I wasn’t about until a month ago that I decided to put it all to use. I figured all these rare Neptunes songs needed to be heard by more than just me, and it just so happened to be the exact time the NBA regular season was coming to an end. It was that moment I got the epiphany and thought to my self, “dude, we’re mixing the playoffs!”

The premise is simple. Two highlight mixes for each conference, each round until the Finals. Then for the NBA Final match up, I’ll mix all four games of the new 2016 NBA champion. In total 10 videos showcasing the best of the playoffs while you get to hear 10 my favorite neptune tracks.

Sounds good?

Check out the promo below. And keep an eye out on my tumblr for the first mix coming real soon.

Dude We're Mixing The Playoffs (Promo)

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