Eric Bledsoe Has The Coolest Nickname In The NBA

November 18, 2012 |  by  |  Articles

Eric Bledsoe

When I heard about LA Clipper point guard, Eric Bledsoes new “Baby Lebron” nickname, I instantly thought of NBA guard Harold Miner who was unfortunate enough to earn the similar title of “Baby Jordan” back in 1993 when he was only rookie with the Miami Heat. If you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s probably because he didn’t amount up to much; certainly not anything close to being the next Jordan. Actually, I think the name back fired on him.

You know I hate when anyone is compared to the GOAT, even if they deserve it. Annoying as it may be, Kobe actually earned the all the Jordan comparisons, but where the Miner/Jordan talk came from is still a mystery to me. Then again, I don’t remember much from the NBA during the early 90′s. All I know for sure is that he won a few dunk contests and had a ton of hype surrounding him back in the day.

Hype is one thing, but living up to Jordans name isn’t anything I’d wish on a player. Just look at Marcus and….what’s his name?


Then there’s Lebron who had to leave Cleveland just to escape the pressure of winning a title there virtually on his own just “like Mike” did. See my point. Being labeled “Baby Jordan” had to be some sort of burden on a Minor.

Considering how Lebron James is now the new Jordan figure in the NBA, is Eric Bledsoe’s “Baby Lebron” nickname a bad thing for him?

No way.

Eric Bledsoe

He should thank teammate Jamal Crawford for giving him it because it actually fits him perfectly and, lets face it, no active player is in Lebron’s leagues right now. Anyone being “the next Lebron” is out of the question.

Still, Bledsoe is having no problem is living up to the title, especially if you take into account he was given the title mainly off his physique alone. The Clippers announcers had to refer to it at least once a game this preseason.

You know…he does look like Lebron’s little brother who didn’t quite get the growth spurt. As far as stature goes, if Lebron is a King size Snicker bar, then Bledsoe would be the bite size mini version.

Bledsoe might lack the height, but his streghnth, speed, and athleticism, are all Lebron like. For a 6’1 point guard, the way he attacks the rim makes you wonder if he thinks he’s the Lebron 6’8 freight train.

Nickname or not, this years looking to be a break out one for the former Kentucky Wildcat. He’s had an impressive preseason and is making quite the name for himself so far in the regular season…even if that name isn’t quite his own.

Not bad for a player who spent much of his career in the shadow of his former college teammates John Wall and Demarcus Cousins.

Bledsoe Blocks Wade

So what does Bledsoe himself think about the name?

Of course he loves it.

After the Clippers win over the Heat Wednesday night, Bledsoe explained:

“It’s great to be called … one of the greats,…..“Mini-LeBron. … I guess it’s a cool nickname.”

Lebron also approved of the name declaring to Bledsoe, “This is Baby LeBron ” as they walked off the court. If that doesn’t make the name official, I don’t know what does.

That nasty block Bledsoe had on Wade sealed it for me, though. I see Lebron also had to give him his props. But isn’t that kind of like giving yourself a pat on the back….? No word on as of yet on Wades feelings on the whole matter.