Jelly History: The Making Of JELLY 3


Jelly History: The Making Of JELLY 3

The finger roll all started with Jelly Fam, right? Turns out that was only the “tip of the iceberg”.

But really it all started with Jelly Fam…. honestly. Without Isaiah Washington and his friends creating the ‘Jelly’ finger roll lay up movement there never would’ve been a Jelly 1 video or part 2 for that matter. Matter fact, the popularity of the finger roll layup has inspired countless lay up themed youtube highlight video and tuturials which have racked up millions of views not just mine.

Of course, there’s good and bad to every viral sensation. Last summer I made my first “Jelly” themed highlight video out side of what Jelly Fam was uploading. I was one of the first few to use a NBA player in Jordan. Then came Kyrie naturally and now only only months later seems like there’s a new one every week. It’s now to the point that even making another third Jordan video felt too easy, redundant or even played out. I had Jordan highlights for another 2 videos, mind you, but I had to challenge my self. You know, do something new. Something more than just continuing on the hype train or trend of the moment. I needed something people weren’t expecting.

I’ve never been one to ride the next man wave or even copy myself. Jelly 1 and 2 were great but one thing that was lacking from it was some sort of substance, or in the case of Jelly 3, history behind the lay up.

I always thought that if I was to complete the ‘Jelly Trilogy’ then the third would have to be better than the first two combined. In the comment section of Jelly 2, I had promised Jelly 3 would be the “best highlight video on youtube” It had to be special. Yea, Michael Jordan highlight videos are but we’ve all seen almost all of his highlights at this point. As great as MJ is, there’s more to the game and culture than what he contributed. Even he would tell you that himself.

The real layup movement started before Jordan even stepped foot in the NBA. It didn’t have any catchy nickname, rather a few players made a name off of it most notably Gerorge Gervin and Julius Erving. That was my focus going into Jelly 3, not Jordan. And that’s when I started look back at other players besides MJ of the era known for their lay up or ability to finish around the rim like Rod Strickland or Kobe, as well as the modern NBA to Kyrie who is basically this generations version of Rod if we’re talking finishing around the rim. But before all of that I had I had to pay respects to the real innovators of the finger roll lay up.

Watching old footage of Jordan today and you’d think he created the game of basketball single handily, but even the GOAT had been inspired by players before him; players like Gervin and Dr J. Any basketball fan my dads age will tell you that Julius Erving was the “Jordan” of their day. While making Jelly 3 I found this statement to be not very far from the truth. When it comes to the lay ups, Jordan definitely didn’t invent the finger roll. He did redefine, reinvent and perfect it, however. If you’re like me, and actually watched Jordan growing up then you’ll understand why he is my definition of “Jelly”. Now the new generation watched Kyrie and the byproduct is Jelly Fam. Their best player Jahvon Quinerly has yet to reach the NBA however, their INFLUENCE is already visible in the league with players like Jalen Brown, Lonzo Ball or even Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz who has apparently joined the team or at least is being recruited.

When I finished Jelly 3 I knew it wasn’t your typical highight video, it wasn’t even like Jelly 1 or 2. Not to lessen those videos, because they really raised the bar and expectations for both myself and anyone viewing or subscribed to my channel. If I was to complete the ‘Jelly Trilogy’ then the third had to be better than the first two combined. In the comment section of Jelly 2, I had promised Jelly 3 would be the “best highlight video on youtube” It had to be special. Not saying it’s better or worse but just different from the previous two in that it told a story and also hopefully educated a those who didn’t know about Gervin or Dr J.

The goal this time wasn’t only to entertain but to give a little ‘Jelly history’ in the process. I don’t want to act like I’m some type of lay up expert or teacher on because even I didn’t know half about finger rolls until I watched countless Gereorge Gervin and Julius Erving videos. Jelly 3 is only a compilation of clips I found, curated and put to music by the producer Knxwledge.

Like I said, JellyFam is only the “tip of the Ice Berg”. If you look deeper you’ll find a big glacier under the water that serves as the foundation of it all. Finger rolls and other type of creative lay ups are the new trend now, and it’s fun to do and great to watch, but the new basketball generation should know their roots and give credit to the old school when it due. Even if you think your’e doing something new, chances are someone did it before you and even better. Remember, no idea is original. It’s not to discredit the new generation or their movement but to educate and celebrate the culture.

That said, if you haven’t seen Jelly 3 yet, now would be the perfect time to give it a view. Check it out below.

If you liked that, then look forward to the second half because I’m just getting started.

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