Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry “No Worries” 2017 NBA FINALS FINALE


Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry “No Worries” 2017 NBA FINALS FINALE

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Last month I teased my latest NBA Finals highlight mix, which is now is finished. If you haven’t already, you can check that out here. But you might notice there’s just one thing missing from it. The ending leaves you wanting more, right?

At already over 12 minutes the mix was more like a Mini-movie and at the time I wasn’t that interested in making it any longer. However, I always intended on giving it a proper, more dramatic ending. It was Durant’s first title after all.

So I recently went back and completed an extended version of the title winning Game 5, with a little more focus on Durant and was able to add in two more amazing songs from the duo of Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge, known as NXWORRIES. Same Game 5 highlights as the last video. Same ending, with Durant hugging his mom except this time theres the post game MVP presentation, locker room celebration, and a little bonus footage of Durant greeting fans outside. Check it out below.

I know the Warriors 2017 Championship is old news at this point in time, but I felt like this Finale video deserved its own post even weeks before the new NBA season begins. Better late than never. Nonetheless, no matter how much time passes the Warriors 2nd title is cemented in history and for Durant, as his first championship, the moment will always be a special one.

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