Lonzo Balll “Rosecrans” UCLA Highlights Mix


Lonzo Balll “Rosecrans” UCLA Highlights Mix

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Fresh off the hype surrounding this years highly anticipated NBA Draft, I decided to make a few college highlight mixes showcasing a few of the top point guard prospects entering the league in the near future. I began with of my favorite players in college basketball last season in Kentuckys explosive guard De’aaron Fox, and ended the series with the mysterious Knicks 18 year old draft pick straight from France, Frank Ntilikina. Both deserve their share of spotlight heading into the new 2017-18 season. However, no player has peaked my interest more than Ucla’s Lonzo ball.

Lonzo, the newest Laker draft pick, has already garnered comparisons legendary NBA point guards like Jason Kidd, Penny Hardaway and even one of the greatest Laker of all time Magic Johnson. Hailed as the new face of he Lakers, he is expected to bring showtime back to the struggling franchise and hopefully a trip back to the playoffs. Credit these high expectations to his boisterous father, but everything Lavar has said so far has come to fruition and Lonzo has the skills to back it all up.

It’s not hard to see how Ball is definitely the most popular of any of the three guards I choose for these mixes, but is he the most talented? I’ll let you decide. Check out the UCLA 2016-17 highlights mix of Lonzo below.

Of course, I gotta mention the legendary Los Angeles rapper and producer DJ Quik for the music behind the highlights. His recent track “Rosecrans” definitely compliments Lonzo’s laid back demeanor and smooth game and also gives the video that quintessential West Coast vibe. If you liked this highlight mix, make sure to check out the other two featuring De’aaron Fox and Frank Ntilikina.

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