Picture this scenario,

“In an alternate universe Kobe and Jordan have an epic dunk off. Only one player can be crowned champion.”

Who wins?

At least that’s the theme/idea what I was going for, when I started making this mix. Turns out the inspiration behind AIR APPARENT goes way deeper and it’s inception back to to September in Toronto of all places on a late summer afternoon. I’ll spare you all the details, but the story goes kinda like this.

While waiting in line for tickets to see Vince Carters new documentary “The Carter Effect” me and a die hard Raptors fan sparked up a friendly basketball debate. The subject wasn’t the Toronto Raptors or even Vince but, as you might’ve guessed, Kobe and Jordan. This time it wasn’t the age old question of who’s the better player. Nope. One could argue that ship sailed along time ago. And we both agreed on that. However, there are still a few things Kobe could arguably do better than MJ at on the court. Along with shooting 3 pointers, “Dunking” remains on top of that short list.

So the debate was on. Who was the better dunker. Jordan or Kobe?

To tell the truth, I don’t even remember who won the debate months later as I write this. All I know is the video below is the result of that conversation and that is makes it all worthwhile. Otherwise, I would’ve continued with my original concept.

Jordan is the GOAT in my book, always has been. So it’s obvious whose side I was on. However, I will say that after finishing the video, I gained a new appreciation for Kobe. Even though he gets a lot criticism for copying Jordan move for move in many aspects of his game, when it comes to dunking this isn’t the case. That’s why “Kobe vs Jordan” made for an interesting dunk debate and even better highlight dunk video. Personally, I wouldn’t say Kobe is touching Mike when it comes to dunks or vice versa. I like to think of them more like apples and oranges it terms of style, or better yet peanut butter and jelly. Two different types of dunkers, but are still able to mix well together.

A Young Kobe reminded us all of Michal Jordan in the way he dunked, but he did it in his own original way that rivaled even ‘His Airness’ instead of simply trying to be “Like Mike”. That’s how he earned the ‘Heir Apparent’ label and I wanted to showcase in the this highlight mix. I realized the question of “who’s better” is irrelevant at in the end. Both players were just as fun to watch. Regardless of who’s dunks you prefer more, I think we all can admit both Jordan and Kobe are two of the best dunkers the NBA has seen.

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