My latest Jordan mix came completely by accident…then again the best mixes typically do. Let me explain.

Ok, before I explain anything, let’s go back to JELLY because thats technically where the story begins. After seeing the response to that video (300K views and counting) I decided I would make a follow up video to it, this time featuring only Michael Jordan dunks in contrast to layups.

I was planning on naming that highlight mix name JAM (get it) and even made a quick teaser video to it. Fast forward 6 months and I’m finally working on ‘Jam’, except that’s no longer the tile and it won’t just feature Jordan anymore but both him and Kobe. As of 2 weeks ago I had this new new video pretty much figured out. The only issue was the insane amount dunk footage I was working with for a song that barley lasts 2 minutes.

With every video the last step was to edit the video clips down to fit the song so I had been there before. No big deal. Just delete the leftover clips, right? Luckily, this time I was hesitant to get rid of what was over 10 minutes of still very good dunks from Jordan. After looking back through all these “throwaway clips” unedited in one long sequence, I realized the dunks could hold its own as a completely new video, one thats nothing like Jordan footage you’d typically find on Youtube. There wasn’t much slow motion or footage with replays with alternate angles/views. Just clip after clip of Jordan dunking in real time with with original game audio. I immediately took the first Knxwledege instrumental that came to mind, dragged it into iMovie and looped the song for 11 minutes over the dunks, added a few edits, tweaked the audio and the rest is history.

It’s funny how things come together. Out of all my mixes “Poster Time” actually one of my favorites to date and probably the most unique. I definitely didn’t intend of even making it, but it was too easy not to.
The result might suggest otherwise, but I literally put almost no effort into the video compared to others. I’ll let you be the judge though. Check it out below. And remember to look out for the aforementioned Jordan/Kobe dunk highlight mix coming soon.

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