Neptunes Present “Attack Of The Playoffs” Mixtape


Neptunes Present “Attack Of The Playoffs” Mixtape

Finally, the highly anticipated follow up to last years “Too Real” J Dilla mixtape is here. From one legendary hip-hop producer to the next, I present “Attack of The Playoffs” featuring the Neptunes.

Seeing the response to my first NBA highlight mix series, I knew I had to make a sequel. Before I even think about making a single video, I needed music. But not just from any artist, it had to be the perfect producer. I mean, where do you go from J Dilla? How would I top that?

Luckily, I happened to be a big time Neptunes fan growing up, and with a little bit of searching through my old external harddrive, I realized I had more than enough instrumentals from the duo for what would ultimately be the soundtrack to the upcoming NBA playoffs.

Looking back at the 2015-2016 postseason (especially the Finals), it was definitely one that will go down in history for a myriad of reasons. I’m just glad I had the foresight to mix it all, and now you can relive every series through my videos…. while enjoying some great music at the same time, of course. Some of my best work, I must say. In case you missed it, check out the Cavs vs Warriors NBA Finals mix, below featuring Neptunes produced instrumental to Jay Z’s 2007 single “I Know”.

Remember, it all started with the music. It’s often a single song, like the one used in the video above that inspire me. The rest is history. Without the Neptunes, there’d be no videos. And without the videos there’d be no soundtrack. Think of this soundtrack as my tribute to the Chad and Pharrell. Better yet, a little “thank you” to the Virgina Beach based super producers for letting me use their music. The tracklist is as follows:

Just like last time, all the Neptunes instrumentals you find in the videos are included in the mix, plus over 20 extra tracks featuring rare, unreleased music as well as most of their well known hits from the past There’s even a few current tracks like the brand new Pharrell produced Single “Surfin” from Kid Cudi latest album, you might have spotted above.

Basketball and Neptunes fans like myself are sure to enjoy this mixtape. A lot of these songs are over 10-20 years old and very hard to find. It just might be the best Neptunes compilation mix available for download online right now so get it while it’s still up.


Side A

Side B

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