As of today, Summer is officially over. I can’t say I’m mad at all. Along with cooler weather and Halloween, we can look forward to the return of Basketball. With the official NBA tip-off date of October 28 quickly approaching, I felt like doing something special to give Double Clutch a fresh start. What better way to start the new season than with a new logo?

When I say “new” logo I don’t mean original by any means. Not in this case. As you can tell the images here are clearly inspired by a few recognizable NBA logos that I have given a “Double Clutch” themed makeover such as the classic playoffs logo you above. Then there’s the Jerry West inspired “LOGO” logo below.

And last but not least, the classic 1994 NBA Finals logo I flipped into this:

which is my personal favorite of the three.

But wait, there’s more. While I’m on the topic of ‘logos’ I might as well add another logo I came up with a few months back. It actually has nothing to do with the NBA or Basketball featuring a simple yet classic D-B-C lettering enclosed in a circle.

It’s not so much “banner” worthy as the other, but perfect for a icon/avatar or watermark. You probably have seen it already if you follow my Instagram. But can you guess where the inspiration came from? Let’s just say I came up with the idea for this logo while watching TV.

As bootleg as they may be, these appropriated or borrowed logos do have a nice feel to them and actually make my blog look more official for the moment. And thats what any great logo should accomplish. Of course, Double Clutch is not affiliated with the NBA in any way, and given copyrights laws or just plain integrity, I don’t actually plan on using these images outside of this post. If anything they can serve as a banner or background photo for my social media accounts until I come up with something new and original to call my own, which shouldn’t be long.

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