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Nick Young has been one my favorite NBA players for years. Hes easily one of the most naturally offensively gifted players I’ve seen and one of a few truly unstoppable scores left in the NBA, in my opinion. And no move is more evident of his diverse scoring ability than his trademark 360 layups.

For the record, Nick Young did not invent the 360 layup. Quite a few players have mastered the move. John Wall is the latest NBA star to pull it off in game with success. Monta Ellis has been doing 360′s during his Golden State days, and JR Smith executed probably the best one of best ever. There might be some debate as to who did it first, but Nick Young is hands down the most well known for it. Not only did he make it popular, but he made it look oh so easy. I’m not saying he hasn’t failed a few times, but he’s never been afraid to try whether it be in transition, or off the dribble.

Up until a week ago, I really had no intention of making a Nick Young mix or any type of video using a Top Ten type format at that. This mix comes as a extension of my last mix (which features another type of layup) and actually comes at the request of fans in the comment section of said video.

A very wise man once said, “ask and you shall receive”. Here’s a brand new mix with a little help from one of the hottest new “mumble” rappers out, Playboi Carti. Enjoy.

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