One year ago today, Stephen Curry did this. A record tying 12 three pointers including the 40 foot buzzer beating, game-winner. For the Warriors it was a tough win over their closest rival bringing them one step closer to the 73 win mark they’d ultimately reach. More importantly, the shot marked the very peak of the Curry mania sweeping the nation, if not the entire world. At that moment Steph was without doubt regarded as the best player on the planet.

This Stephen Curry was far cry from his previous season (a MVP season at that) when the Warriors star point guard was just a mere mortal. However, in 2015-16 he took his game to another level, doing things never before seen on the basketball court and making it look easy… or better yet “stephertless”. Nobody could comprehend, understand or even explain it, save some sort of miraculous intervention by God himself or sheer luck. Seemingly everynight Steph was either setting or breaking (mainly his own) 3 point records. And he was winning. A lot! So much so, the Warriors was on the verge of breaking the all time best regular season record (72-10) set by the 1997 Chicago Bulls. As for Curry, it was only natural that he was being compared to Michael Jordan. Some even considered his season as the best individual NBA performance of all time.

Fast forward to the new 2016-2017 and the league has selective amnesia. In the words of Eminem, “mothefukas act like they forgot about Curry”. Well, it’s time I remind you of just how good Stephen Curry was last season, and still is.

Ok, Steph had a pretty average 2016 playoffs, by his own standards. And I admit, The Finals were pretty bad. But Somewhere between losing 3-1 and the Durant trade, Curry and the Warriors became public enemy number one and are currently the leagues running joke, even though the they currently hold the best record in the NBA. Whats worse is that Steph, despite having another great season so far, is hardly even mentioned these days by the media.

Seeing this, I decided to make Curry the subject of my latest mix and give him some much deserved shine. We’ll likely never see another run quite like his 2015-16 season. It’s only right I make a video to do the man justice. Here is a preview.

Look out for a full version coming soon.

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