To mark my first 1,000 followers on Youtube I decided to make a short promo video featuring Jordan, Kobe and Iverson.

It all started with a youtube comment; one of my favorite comments on a video that I made: “The feeling is unmatched”. Simple and straight to the point, right? Besides the obvious fact that it was a Kendrick Lamar lyric from the song whose instrument I used, the phrase perfectly described my video in the most subtle way and highlighted what I set out to achieve when I made it. With Jelly 3, as well as any video on my channel, the goal is to entertain, but also if possible make the viewer feel something more.

The comment has stayed with me ever since, and it’s been a motto of sorts for my Youtube channel lately. It made a nice concept when choosing clips for my latest videos featuring three of my favorite NBA players in moments during their career where they’re caught up in emotion. Whether it be Jordan in tears as he wins his first title, Iverson cheered on by the Philadelphia 76ers home crowd or even Kobe’s “mamba mentality” when he is literally “feeling himself” on the court each video shares common theme NBA feelings that are unmatched.

Check out each video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Double Clutch youtube channel.

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