Hoops Vault

After several (failed) attempts to contribute something…. anything basketball related to the world of Instagram, I present to you the Hoops Vault. This time I promise it’ll last more than a few weeks.

So what is this mysterious, Double Clutch Hoops “Vault” you’ve heard so much about. Well, it’s nothing exclusive or special at all. It’s just a term I sometimes use to describe the deepest parts of my laptop where countless lost and forgotten basketball photos and videos I’ve saved over the years reside. Most haven’t and otherwise would never see the light of day, or upload the internet if not for @hoopsvault.

In it you won’t find type of basketball content you’d discover with a simple google search, or even the stuff posted daily on my Tumblr. Double Clutch is basically random look at what’s trendy. In contrast, Hoops Vault is more of a curated, “quality over quantity” version of the aforementioned blog, which I think is exactly what many basketball fans on Instagram need.

But on a personal level, as a fan myself, the Hoops Vault is more a part of me. It’s a deeper look at the game in photo (and video) form representing what I love about it and also what inspires me like the statuesque Jordan photo above or or Steph shimmying below.

No matter the player, team or era featured, each photo posted will be one of my favorites or at least of some importance/significance to me. No guarantee I’ll update it every day, however. But when I do, it’ll be worth a “like” or two.

So if I’ve successfully sold you on my latest venture into the world of social media, give me a follow. The Hoops Vault is officially open. But hurry up because, as you know, a vault can lock up at anytime.

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