Double Clutch Hoops presents Timbaland And The Rookies! A new 2017-18 highlight video series is on the way inspired by a new generation of NBA stars to come and one of the best hip-hop producers to ever do it.

Just a little reminder, my last series featured the NBA Finals and music from Knxwldege, a newer and lesser known (although talented) hip-hop producer compared to those used before. This time, however, I’m returning to the 90’s and a producer who, although he may not be as popular today as he was 20 years ago, any rap/r&b fan should be familiar with: Virgina’s own Timbaland. Timbo’s always been a favorite producer of mine just like fellow beat makers the Neptunes and J Dilla, both of whom have served as inspiration behind my past mixes, so it’s only right I give it a try.

After I had the music situation figured out, the rest was history. This years exceptional rookie class made an easy choice for my subject. As for the theme, this time I’m going for an “old school meets new school” kind of vibe by mashing up each rookies biggest and best games with some of my favorite old Timbalands beats and the music videos to match it. Trust me, there’s a lot to choose from. It should be fun.

donovan mitchell

Check out the first edition in highlight mix series featuring Utah Jazz’s 13th draft pick Donovan Mitchell. The standout rookie dropped 41 on the Pelicans earlier this month. “Hey Donovan” features some of Mitchell’s biggest plays from that legendary night alongside the Timbaland produced track/video “Hey Papi” by Jay Z.

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