TOO REAL “Soundtrack To The Mixes” Featuring J Dilla Mixtape.


TOO REAL “Soundtrack To The Mixes” Featuring J Dilla Mixtape.

The Lost Mixes

Last year I made a few NBA highlight mixes of the best and most inspiring performances of the 2014-15 NBA season. Each mix was around 2 minutes long featuring one of my favorite players to the sounds of legendary Detroit Hip Hop/Rap producer J Dilla. After what seems like an eternity, I finally have completed the Soundtrack to the Mixes and its currently available for download.

The Lost Mixes

As promised, I’m delivering all 12 songs that I used in the 12 mixes. If you’re unfamiliar with the videos that correspond to each track, I recommend you check them out before downloading the mixtape. A good start would be the highlight mix seen below of a then healthy Kyrie Irving dropping 37 in MSG on the Knicks in December of 2014.

But wait, theres more! Just because I made you wait so long for the mixtape, I’ve added 10 bonus tracks (including an intro and outro) from my personal favorites. Check out the full 20 song track list below.

Double Clutch Presents: “Too Real” (The Soundtrack to the Mixes) Vol.1 Featuring J Dilla.


1.Thunder (Intro)
3.You Cant Hold A Torch
4.The Heist
5.Track 10 (3 Beat Tapes)
6.9th Caller
7.Track 23 (3 Beat Tapes)
8.Bricks/My Victory
9.Village (Interlude)
10.Players – Slum Village
11.Climax – Slum Village
12.Track 13 (3 Beat Tapes)
13.Hey Bruh
14.Heroin Joint
15.Light Works
16.Track 21 (3 Beat Tapes)
17.Track 34 (MPC3000)
18.Tack 6 (3 Beat Tapes)
19.Tell Me – Slum Village feat D’Angelo
20.So Far To Go – Common feat D’Angelo
21.Ma Dakes
22.Much Much More (Outro)

Download the entire mixtape here

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